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Strands - shore - Old English Anglo Saxon 7th Century onwards


Bulman Strands - "Shores of the bull pool or marsh" from bula mere myrr strand





Bulman Strands has appeared in historical documents since the 14th Century. Without any standardised spelling the scribes of the day made up their own. Hence Bulman Strands appears in a variety of forms but is none the less recognisable.


1374 - Bulleman Place


Rental of John de Hothome and Walter de Pedwardyn, knts.


Listed amongst their Tenants at will


Richard son of Agnes holds a plat called Bulleman place (rental amount missing)


Richard son of Agnes holds a cottage (rental amount missing)


The same Richard for free farm yearly (rental 6d)


('Crosthwaite and Lyth', in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale:

Volume 2, ed. William Farrer and John F Curwen (Kendal, 1924), pp. 90-112 Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924)





1525 - Bulmerstrandes


Twenty one year lease of tithe at Skelsmergh from the Abbott of St Mary's Convent York to James Leyburne Esquire 26th June 1525


"also thei have latten to ferme to the seid James Layburn all the tethe cornez of Bradeleyfeld and Tranthwate wth Connyswik, Bulmerstrandes and Bradesl[ak] [eaten away] with ther intakes and approwmentes which Thomas Layburn father to the seid James occupied afortyme;"


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Records relating to the Barony of Kendal, ed W. Farrer and J F Curwen, C W Ree 4,5,6, Kendal 1923-6



1530 - Bulmerstrondes


Ministers accounts in public record office (DL 29 SC 6)



1548 - Bulmyerstrand

- Will of Sir James Laybourne 1548


"To Thomas Laybourne my uncles son y^tenement of Bulmyer strand for his naturall lyfe"


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Wills & inventories of the archdeaconry of Richmond



1578 - Bulmanstrads

- Court of Chancery - Pleadings


National Archive Kew Ref C 2/Eliz/W6/25


Claim by devise. A tenement called Bulmanstrads, Westmoreland of which Bryan William was seized





1613 - Bulmunstrang

- parish records Kendal



1637 - Bulmanstrands



82. Lease of tenement called Tarnside in Crosthwaite by Willam Harrison of Lythe, co. Westmorland, farmer to Thomas Swainson of Townend in Crosthwaite; and the same from William Harrison and Rowland his son to Thomas Swainson of Bulmanstarnds. ^1637.


Scott, S. (1920). A Calendar of the papers and documents in the possesssion of Mr. James Burrow of Hill Top, Crosthwaite, near Kendal. Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmoreland Antiquarian &Archaeological Society 20 (Series 2). Vol 20, pp. 177-187. https://doi.org/10.5284/1063529



1715 - Bullmarstand

- parish records Crosthwaite



1726 - Bulmanstrands

- parish records Crosthwaite




- water corn mill & kiln called Bullmanstrands in Crosthwaite & Crook



1763 - Bulmanstrands

- Mrs Brunskill of Hill Top has deeds from 1763 (Leaflet "Crosthwaite" 1977)


Lettice Burrow's husband James left his estate of Dodgshow, Crosthwaite to his nephew James Burrow son of Jas. Burrow of Tarnside, subject to a payment to her annually of £8 and his estate Mill and Kiln at Bulmanstrands in Crosthwite and Crook subject to £6 annually.



1828 - Bulman Strands

- Will of James Burrow of Nook


I also give and devise unto and to the use of my son James Burrow his heirs and assigns for ever all that my moiety or undivided half part or share of and in a certain tenement or estate called and known by the name of Bulman Strands situate in the townships of Crook and Crosthwaite Lyth in the townships of Kirkby Kendal and Heversham in the county of Westmoreland with all the appuetenances thereunto belonging subject never the less to the payment of forty pounds a piece without interest to each of my three grandchildren, namely Betty and Sarah Docker and James Docker son and daughters of my late daughter Isabellla Docker deceased and to be paid to them as as they severally attain the age of twenty one years.


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