Bulman Strands Farm & Caravan Park







1525 - 21 year lease


This indentor maid the xxvith daye of Jun in the xviith yere of the reigne of Kinge Henry the VIIIth [1525], witnessith that th'abbote and Convent of Sancte Mary Abbey of York hath granted and latten to ferme to James Layburne, esquier, all the tethe cornez of the hamelett of Skelmyssergh with all the approwmentes at the making herof enclosed within the seid hamelett in the pishinge of Kirkeby in Kendall, excepte the tethe cornez with the approwmentes of the tenementes of Gilthwatrige, Ladyforde, the tenemente of John Redemayn and of a tenimente late in the handez of Willm. Gilpyne; also thei have latten to ferme to the seid James Layburn all the tethe cornez of Bradeleyfeld and Tranthwate wth Connyswik, Bulmerstrandes and Bradesl[ak] [eaten away] with ther intakes and approwmentes which Thomas Layburn father to the seid James occupied afortyme; and also thei have latten to ferme to the seid Jam[es] all the tethe cornes of Brindrige late in the holdyn of Antony Washington, to have and hold all the said tethe cornez to the seid James from the date herof unto thende and t'yme of xxith yeres next ensewing, payeng therfor yereli to the seid abbote and Convente yr successors or certen attor neis LXXVIIIS. VIIId. of lawfull Ynglish money at the Feste of Pashe, the firste day of paiement to be at Pashe next after the date herof, that is to seye for the tethe cornez of Skelmyssergh, of Bradeleyfeld, of Tranthwate, of Connyswik, Bulmerstrandes, Bradeslak, and Brindrige; providit alwaye that the seid James shall nott sell [or sett ?], inaliene nor putt awaye his gudwill of the seid tethez cornez to eny psone or psones withoute speciall licance of the seid abbot and Convente, which after the seid t'ymez shalbe at ther lib'tez in lattyng the same, this indentor note withstanding, and if the seid money or eny ptie therof be behynde and note dewly contented at eny t'yme when itt shude be paied, the seid James shall forfett his take, this indentor in nothinge withstanding. In witnes wherof the seid abbote and Convente and also the seid James Layburn to thes Indentours ent'changeably hath sett ther seallez the daye and yere afforseid. Deed indented: 13" by 5½" to 6", place for tag, but tag and seal lost. Endorsed: "A leas of the tithe at Skelsmer from the abatt of St. Mary's. N.P. (?) 21 yrs."; Orig. in poss. of the Exors of John Jenkinson, late of Yealand Conyers.