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Bulman Strands Farm & Caravan Park













1. The use of each caravan is restricted to the caravan owner(s) household.


As of 1st August 2020 has been extended to include immediate family and their households i.e. sons and daughters with their families.


Those owners who do not have sons or daughters may nominate just one of their nearest relatives to have use of their van.


We will have to keep a comprehensive record of who is using all our vans including the owners. All users must provide their current address and a phone number. Any stay requires an e-mail being sent prior to your arrival with names, arrival and departures dates.


We aim to replace this with an online system shortly. This is in order for us to be able to provie all track and trace details that would be necessary should anyone test positive for Covid-19 whilst here or has been here in the previous 14 days.


We know that social distancing does not come naturally for children but would ask parents to help make sure that the guidelines are kept.


2. No visitors are allowed on the park.


3. Social distancing must be maintained from other owners. (See guidelines below)


4. All owners are to provide an emergency name and telephone number. Please email to


5. No one should come to their van if feeling unwell, has a temperature, a persistent cough or loss of taste or smell.


6. If anyone develops any of these symptons while on site they must apply for a test and self-isolate in their van along with the rest of their household. They must also report their condition to the Park Owners by phone on 015395 68239 or 07770603763. If the test result is positive they must return home immediately. Tests can be booked while here on this website :- Covid-19 Testing




The government’s new restrictions for local areas will mean that any owner or family member living in one of the designated areas travelling outside their area must follow the same social distancing rules as though still at home.


Here that would mean not going in another owner’s caravan as two households should not meet inside. It would also mean that they may not come to stay at the same time with the caravan owner or other allowed family member from a separate household.


There are also restrictions on meeting outside in private gardens but not in public parks so it’s less clear how that would apply here. So we shall leave that up to those involved.


The owners who are in a government defined social bubble may continue to act as one household.


Social Distance Guide Lines

(These are suject to change as the government assess the risk level)




Meet inside or stay overnight in groups of up to two households (anyone in your support bubble counts as one household).


Meet outside in groups of up to six people from different households keeping at least 1 metre and preferably 2 metres apart.


Have a gathering of more than six if everyone is just from two households.




Gather inside in groups of more than two households.


Gather outside in a group of more than six people from more than two different households.




Please make use of the sanitising stations at the points of contact such as gates around the park.


Where possible bring your own supplies of food and drink to reduce reliance and congestion in local shops.


It is also suggested you have your own supply of sanitiser in your van.








1. All holiday homes must be in Lake District National Park colours.


2. Homes may be occupied between the 1st March and the 15th November.


3. Unaccompanied young people are not allowed on-site.


4. The holiday home is for the non-commercial use of the owner and their family.


5. The caravan owner's dog is welcome on a lead and must not foul on the site or disturb other occupants.


6. Your holiday home should be well maintained and the standing kept tidy and uncluttered.


7. The site licence is annual and begins on the 1st March and ends on the 28th February.


8. The site fees should be paid in fully by 1st February.


9. 2020 Site Fee:£1810 + £200 service charge .


10. When the site is occupied part way through the season the fee is £155 per month or part of a month.


11. A previously used van can remain on-site until 15 years old.


12. All other vans must be renewed between 15-20 years.


13. A development fee may be payable on some vans or if a pitch has to be altered.


14. All vans should be sound, and in keeping with the character of the park.


15. All caravans must be purchased through our approved suppliers.


16. Caravan owners must have a permanent address within the UK.